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What is a Cheer Bag Drive Thru/Park & Play you ask?

We will be giving out 150 adult/teen cheer bags and 150 children's cheer bags (12 & under).

Please bring your kiddos to the drive thru or park and play at the playground or go for a walk around Lion's Park!


Did you know that exercise has many benefits to your mental health?

The benefits of exercise on your Mental Health include:

- Enhanced mood: As quickly as 5 minutes into physical activity, individuals can notice an enhancement in their mood

- Research shows that exercise can help alleviate mild to moderate long-term depression (Exercise and Depression)

- Reduced stress: Exercise can help release stress and increase relaxation
Regular exercise has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety (Exercise for Stress and Anxiety)

- A boost in energy: Improved health – decreases blood pressure and heart rate, controls weight, strengthens muscles and enhances immunity

- Better, more restful sleep

Adult Cheer Bag includes

Mental health tools, resources, coupons to local shops, and a few other goodies

Child Cheer Bag includes

Usborne Activity Book, Crayons, Elk River Dairy Queen Token for one FREE Ice Cream Cone, Papa Murphy's Mini Murph Coupon and Kids Tattoos