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Why you should be a True Colors Fashion Show Model:

It is a fun and effective way to showcase your organization.

  • It is recognition for you and your business:

    • Your name and the name of your organization are prominently displayed as well as verbally announced.

  • It shows your organization supports a great cause in your community.

  • It puts a face and a personality to your organization. Your organization becomes more than just a logo.

It is going to be a very fun event!

  • Here is your chance to get your 15 minutes of virtual fame by showing off your best moves!

  • You get to choose your own music for modeling.

  • You get to show off your own fashion sense.

Models have the potential to win money!

  • There is a Top Model Prize! The model videos will be voted on by people donating online. The video that gets the most donations wins! So tell all your friends and family to vote for you!

    • ​The prize will be 5% of the TOTAL donations that come in during the event (and in the additional days of voting)

    • The prize increases with the amount donated so the more you get people to donate, the more you could win! Ex) If $1000 is donated, you could win $50. If $2,000 is donated, you could win $100.

  • The runner-up will receive a $50 gift card. The second runner-up will receive a $25 gift card.

Criteria for video:

    • The video should be no longer than 90 seconds long

    • Shoot the video horizontally if possible

    • It should be entertaining and family friendly

    • You can choose your own music, but no explicit lyrics

    • You can wear whatever fashion you would like, but it has to be appropriate

    • You can do the video alone, with a friend, or invite your friends to compete against you!

    • Feel free to get creative and promote your organization/business!

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