We Give Grants

On a high-level view:
 We raise funds and give grants to nonprofit programs and agencies that help vulnerable youth in our community,
but there is so much more to it than that...

Where The Money Comes From

Events: We host events that raise funds towards grant allocations and our direct impact programs.
Sponsorships: We offer marketing opportunities to companies of all sizes when they sponsor our events and/or programs. The levels of marketing opportunities depend on the amount of the donation level given.  Sponsorships give companies a chance to get recognition while supporting a great cause.
Workplace Giving: We work with companies big and small that host Workplace Giving. Employees can enroll in payroll deduction, voluntary charitable contributions that are automatically withdrawn from each paycheck for any desired amount. The companies also host fundraising events for the employees to participate in as small scale as a chili cook-off or as large as a golf tournament. The full list of partnering businesses can be found in our Annual Report.
Personal Donations: Generous people, just like YOU, believe in what we are doing and give directly to us. It can be a
one-time donation or monthly. All monetary donations are appreciated!

Why Give Through Us

We know the landscape of giving to nonprofits has changed, and it can be easy to give directly to organizations. 
But think about this...
  • Are there nonprofits that are doing great things in our community that you don't know about? I bet there are.
  • What about those smaller nonprofits that can't afford to get the publicity that the larger nonprofits can? They go unnoticed and underfunded.
  • What about the startup organizations that have great vision and programming, but need a hand to get off the ground?
We are fully immersed with our fellow nonprofit programs and agencies so we know what is going on within our community. We also do thorough research into the organizations that apply for the grants to know how the money will be utilized.

How Grant Recipients Are Chosen

  • The nonprofit programs and agencies apply for the grants via our website. They give detailed descriptions as to how they will be using the grant money.
  • Every spring we have Community Investment, a day where teams of volunteers review the grants, visit the sites and research each organization. As a group, we decide if the organizations align with our mission and how much of the budget will be allocated to each.
Examples of questions asked:
  1. Rate how well the agency/program demonstrates the ability to deliver and measure outcomes and meet their goal? 
  2. How well does the agency/program demonstrate continuous improvement to how services are implemented?
  3. Rate how well the agency/program coordinates with other services in the community to use resources efficiently and provide integrated services to participants.
  4. What makes their program unique?
  5. How do they assess the changing needs of the community? Specific examples? Challenges?
  6. From today’s experience, how would you rate the impact this agency makes in our community?
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