Success is the Best Option!

Your SCAUW donations are hard at work at Options, Inc., one of our partnering nonprofit organizations. We're proud to help fund the program that assists 70 individuals to secure and maintain employment. Options, Inc. is providing vocational evaluations, job seeking skill training and job placement in order to improve the lives of young adults with disabilities in our community.

Here is a great success story we'd like to share with you from Options, Inc.

After graduating from Elk River High School/Birch Cove Academy in 2012, Joanna started working at Options, Inc. in Big Lake. Through Options, she explored different career paths by working on cleaning crews at Holiday Gas Stations and production crews at Faribault Foods/Harvest Hills. After learning new employment skills through working on crews for three years, Joanna was eager to advance her career and work independently in the community. With the support of her Job Coach and Supported Employment Manager, Joanna applied and was hired at Coborn’s in Elk River as a cashier in 2015.

Over these past 3 1⁄2 years, Joanna has grown both personally and professionally. At Coborn’s, she is surrounded by amazing co-workers that naturally support her. She is a valued employee and is encouraged to try new tasks and learn to advocate for herself. Joanna’s hard work ethic, attention to detail, and amazing customer service has helped her continue her professional success. Joanna utilizes public transportation to and from work but also enjoys exercising by walking and biking to work in nicer weather.

Joanna lives independently with the support of her parents and her Semi- Independent Living (SILS) Provider. She accesses her community by walking to her favorite coffee shop, visiting the local library, going grocery shopping, and attending community events. Joanna is an active member of her church and participates in social outings with her friends from work and church. In Joanna’s free time, she pursues her passion of learning about history, including watching documentaries on historical events. Joanna also loves traveling and going on trips with her SILS Provider and family.

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